Mentor Coaching

Mentor Coaching

Even coaches need a coach! If you want to continue personal growth, improve coaching skills or become credentialed, we're here to help.

coaching-mentorSara Smith is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and has been actively involved as an assessor in the coaching profession. Sara is eager to help you navigate the certification process. Her approach includes coaching you, listening to samples of your coaching and providing feedback. You'll increase your self-awareness and learn to evaluate your own coaching. By the end of the process, you will understand what's required to pass an oral or recorded coaching examination. Why not schedule a conversation, and try a sample session? If you'd be interested, call to set one up today.

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As my mentor coach, Sara supports me by affirming that I am indeed coaching. She also gives me direct feedback that I need to know in my learning to be a more masterful coach. It's not always what I want in the moment - I'd rather know I'm already there! - but as a result of her mentoring, I can see for myself that I'm growing as a coach and my clients are growing as a result.

Lyne Tumlinson, CAE, CPBS
Lift Team Coaching

The coaching experience with Sara transformed my perspective of my role as a trainer and coach. By taking me “up to the balcony” to view situations, I saw how I needed to “facilitate” their learning experience and draw their brilliance out. Sara’s keen awareness and insight helped me to add treasures to my skill base.

Linda Davis, CPA
Consultant and Coach
Divine Consultants

I decided to complete a formal coaching certification program to “kick my skills up a notch.”. . . . What I experienced was a masterful coach who used intuition, listening and the power of thought-provoking questions to help me prepare for the future and work through obstacles more quickly than I could on my own . . . . She did that through the use of business-appropriate language with a keen focus on accountability and measureable results.

Mary Ellen Kassotakis, Ed. D
Leadership Development Consultant
Co-author of Social Media at Work

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