Definition:  Coach-sulting (n) To coach-sult (v) The priceless combination of coaching and consulting from one who is an expert in both.  The best of both worlds. 

leadership-coachsultingSmith Leadership has designed Coach-sulting – the expertise of a master coach combined with years of real-world experience in leadership and consulting.  When you are a leader of leaders, you need a different type of ally, one who will complement your level of experience, understand the challenges you face and offer fresh perspectives on the opportunities ahead.

Imagine pragmatic, proven diagnostic capabilities blended with thoughtful coaching proficiencies to align and fit to you.  As consultants, we help you determine where you are and create a map to where you want to go.  As coaches, we tailor an approach just for you, for your environment, industry, and situation.  A consultant/coach is your best partner. 

We’re ready to support your unique needs as a high-level leader. We’ve refined our approach by working with industry-leading companies like IBM and Schneider Electric. We focus on personal and professional success.  You’ll get the best of both worlds: world-class leadership development consulting combined with master coaching. It’s an ideal synthesis of business experience, training, consulting, and leadership. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

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I met Sara as I was taking over a new sales organization in IBM. She was our region’s internal consultant and coach so I called on her to help me create a fast start with my team. Our goal became to change the culture in the group. We set about creating a sales force that would partner, really partner with our clients, rather than just being another vendor on the clients’ doorstep. It was a tremendous shift that required everyone in the organization change their language, their perspective and their behavior.

Sara became my leadership team’s group coach and my executive coach. She helped us design a strategy that I had confidence in. As our coach, she challenged us, partnered with us, and celebrated with us. With her help, we modeled the changes we wanted to see in our organization.

By the time I left for my next assignment, our sales team had a history of six successful quarters and my leadership team was being tapped for promotions to take their leadership to other parts of IBM.

Debbie Nemesi
retired IBM Vice President

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