Irresistible Leadership

Irresistible Leadership

We don’t just train people in the theories of leadership.  We help you become an “irresistible” leader– the leader people want to follow. 

leadership-irresistibleOnce upon a time, great leadership was defined as “command and control” - people at the top told subordinates what to do, and they did what they were told.

This is a new world.  That approach doesn’t work anymore. In today’s mobile workforce with its cross-departmental, intercompany, borderless mindset, people want work that is meaningful and leaders who understand.  If you can tap into people’s passion to inspire and compel, you will unlock the hidden potential that is there. That’s why we call our leadership development Irresistible Leadership.

We teach you how to motivate and encourage people—to tap into their purpose and creativity so they choose to follow you.

The hallmarks of Irresistible Leadership are:

  • Communicating a clear vision
  • Celebrating accomplishments and progress
  • Acknowledging and rewarding participants
  • Creating an environment of connection and accountability – being the leader that people want to follow.
  • Being courageous, creative and nimble

If you’re seeking ways to create employee engagement, to foster creativity and innovation and inspire success, you’re primed to become an Irresistible Leader. Ready to lead the team everyone wants to be on?  We’ll show you how.

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Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Clarity, vision, and discernment are traits that first come to mind when thinking of Sara. In her executive coaching she is able to use her business acumen to be relevant while at the same time allowing me to explore the answers within. And she listens beyond words to what is not said and Sara is usually right in her assessment. Because of the success that we enjoyed in our coaching engagement, other executives like my boss who never experienced executive coaching are benefiting from an outside executive coach today. The successful organization transformation we are experiencing goes to my team's credit. But usually in the backdrop there are one or two key supporting cast and for this I thank Sara for her unwavering commitment and vision of possibilities for our organization and my development.

Joe Petrone
National Sales Executive

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