Leader as Coach Workshop

Leader as Coach Workshop

What separates managers from great leaders? Great leaders develop their teams. They help employees grow and learn on the job.

leadership-workshopAre you wondering how you would balance managing the business while developing your people?  Even better, would you like to know how to do it while improving business results? 

Intrigued? We will show you how it works. 

Leader as Coach begins with a day-long, face-to-face workshop.  You and your leadership team will experience firsthand coach-like behaviors of managers:  powerful questions, deeper ways to listen and ways to increase accountability.  First you’ll learn coaching skills then you’ll practice them in real life situations.  Optionally, we can reinforce what you’ve learned in an ongoing series of team teleconferences. Our Leader as Coach program is designed for you to learn how to be coach-like, improve business results and increase employee retention.  To read success stories, click here. Or call us today.

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The Leader as Coach program has been made a key and opening part of the Luminant Leadership Development program, which was launched in 2012. This is a …development program for key management as a way to prepare for future leadership opportunities. Sara and Paul Smith provided all of the participants (approximately 20-25 per class) sound business context for the value of coaching by: teaching all how to coach, modeling new ways to approach listening, how to self manage and how to use powerful questions. Most importantly, all participants practiced what was learned. The experiential learning was both powerful and practical. Sara and Paul demonstrated great coaching and then had us coach each other. The participants embraced the new skills and received immeasurable value from their colleagues coaching – and they continue to use the skills they learned. We are pleased to have Smith Leadership on our team and will continue this partnership within the Luminant Leadership Program.

Mike Williams
VP & Chief People Officer

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