Coaching in Sports

Coaching in Sports

If you’ve come to this page, you may be wondering what we can do for real coaches. 

coaching-sportsConsider this—if you’ve been in the competitive sports world, you know the difference between winning and losing a game can be in the team’s ability to keep their heads about them when things go wrong. You’ve probably experienced the resilience of a team when the quarterback, pitcher or center – your key player – provides positive energy to “right the ship” when the game goes off course. That’s where we play.  We help create team leaders who can recover emotionally and lead through adversity.

We work on the people side of your team while you work on the talent and execution side.  We offer three areas of help:

  • Coaching the coach – to help you become an emotionally intelligent leader, teacher, administrator, coach. 
  • Coaching the coaching staff – to teach your staff new ways to relate to students, athletes (and others) to motivate and create accountability.
  • Coaching key athletes – to help them know where they get stuck and learn to recover from emotional hijacks and  get “unstuck.” We also teach how to use emotions intelligently, develop as team leaders and model self-control and accountability for the team.

Consider the complexity of your world. As a sports coach, you are responsible for your athletes – teaching them skills, fine tuning their natural talents, and helping them mature as players and team leaders. You are also responsible for working with other coaches, perhaps an academic institution, donors and sport governing bodies. Having been a great athlete and knowing the game may not be enough to assure success as a coach in today’s world. 

When you bring us onto your team, we help you implement a game-changing new approach for self-management and emotional recovery in all elements of your sport.  You teach them the game. We teach you to help them become resilient.  Sound like a game plan? Give us a call!

Read Sara Smith's recent article in the Fort Worth Business Press about coaching in sports .

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Thank you so much and yeah I am very happy at where I am today! I am not fighting with those negative internal thoughts any more. So grateful to have had the opportunity to talk with you and really get a better understanding of that.

NCAA Division 1 Softball pitcher

"Coach to Coach-Emotional Intelligence and Leadership for Coaches" is an easy to read, scientifically-based book on how to improve coaching and leadership effectiveness through learning about emotional intelligence. Sara uses practical and systematic skill building drills to, not only relay knowledge, but to allow a leader to improve their management abilities . A must-read for coaches of all levels and leaders of any organization interested in pursuing better group dynamics and team/organization success!

Bob Myers, retired Associate Head Track and Field Coach at the University of Arizona. US Olympic and World Cup coach

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