Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Are you a manager in need of a coach?

Are you an emerging leader who's ready for the next level?

Are you an executive who's primed to become a leader of leaders?

coaching-executiveIn this high altitude phase of your career, working with a coach can be the ideal catalyst to help attain your goals. Whether you want to improve your effectiveness or are navigating your career from individual contributor to manager to executive, you will find the natural isolation of the executive suite--whatever that looks like in your organization--can limit your opportunities for confidential, candid conversations that are critical to your growth. Yet the importance of honest feedback and input is significant! Let us help fill that gap. Our Executive Coaching capabilities are suited to the task.

As you move up the ladder, there are times when you don't know what you don't know. We can help. You will face challenges that may feel insurmountable; we will help there, too. We've coached leaders at all levels in organizations of all sizes. Depend on our expertise to accelerate your development.

We are grounded in years of business expertise that we blend with extensive coaching experience. Let Smith Leadership show you the way to reach your dreams.

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Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Clarity, vision, and discernment are traits that first come to mind when thinking of Sara. In her executive coaching she is able to use her business acumen to be relevant while at the same time allowing me to explore the answers within. And she listens beyond words to what is not said and Sara is usually right in her assessment. Because of the success that we enjoyed in our coaching engagement, other executives like my boss who never experienced executive coaching are benefiting from an outside executive coach today. The successful organization transformation we are experiencing goes to my team's credit. But usually in the backdrop there are one or two key supporting cast and for this I thank Sara for her unwavering commitment and vision of possibilities for our organization and my development.

Joe Petrone
National Sales Executive

During my coaching relationship with Sara, our Company was in midst of the deepest construction recession of our lifetime. Through working with an outside executive coach over this period, I was able to confide in her and work through some incredibly difficult decisions and organizational and personal dynamics that, in the end, helped Bonnell Aluminum weather the storm and exit with a strong motivated organization.

Duncan Crowdis
Bonnell Aluminum

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