Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Working with a coach is like building a bridge between where you are now and the future you want to create.

coaching-individualImagine the future is like an intriguing foreign country. You want to travel there, but want to be prepared with the right tools and expectations. You want your destination to be exciting, not scary.

We have experience helping people do just that! From high school athletes balancing academics and competition to college students ready to make their way into the world. From professionals who are switching career directions to healthcare workers and stay-at-home moms or anyone who wants to live a life of significance.

We have helped lots of others and can help you overcome obstacles and maximize your opportunities. Wherever you are, if you are ready to move, individual coaching can help. At Smith Leadership, we have the expertise and experience to help you design your journey and build your bridge.

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Working with Sara has been an amazing experience. Her coaching has allowed me to see life with a significantly broader lens which has helped me be more successful. Her coaching style is direct, insightful, heartfelt and supportive. Her intuition and experience allows her to go beyond the surface very quickly to get to issues that have been limiting my potential. Her coaching has helped me grow professionally and achieve results.

Eric Yost
Senior Vice President
Bonnell Aluminum

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