Where We've Coached

Where We've Coached

Here is a sample of the places we've coached and taught coaching:


  • Senior executives in manufacturing, information technology, health care, seminaries and nonprofit organizations
  • Sales executives in manufacturing, biotechnology, oil well services, healthcare, financial services and information technology
  • NCAA college coaches and athletes
  • Next generation leaders
  • Knowledge workers who have experienced downsizing or outsourcing job loss
  • Graduate students struggling to find their niche and viable careers
  • Individuals hungry to move from where they are now to the future they want to create

What should you look for when choosing a coach? Start with one you can talk to easily and will challenge and champion you. We have coached inside corporations and with individuals. We believe you'll find that a coaching relationship can help you cross the bridge from where you are now to where you want to be.

You can find your coach at Smith Leadership.

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