Have you ever known a person who was promoted into management and didn’t know how to lead? It happens.

leadershipOften organizations promote people then only teach them how to run the business:  prepare balance sheets, test processes and measure results. Few new leaders learn how to lead people and use their emotions intelligently.  That shortfall can create monster-managers: those who run the business at the expense of the workers. It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Great managers are those who take care of their people so their people take care of the business.  We call it conscious leadership –  being aware of impact and making intentional choices. 

Smith Leadership has worked with leaders at all levels, in all sizes of companies, nonprofits, churches---even families---to help them learn how to be conscious, intentional and effective leaders.  Whether you want the skills for your current job or in preparation for your next big move, we want to help you.

We show you how to create the team everyone wants to be on –  the team where people are motivated, engaged and highly productive.  You’ll learn how to get the best from others. 

We begin by tailoring an approach to meet your needs. We use a variety of tools including surveys and interviews to create a picture of your world today.  Once we have a baseline of your impact, we add your goals and chart your course to the future.  Then we go to work.

Great leaders act rather than react.  Are you ready to be the best leader you can become?

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Sara, the day you offered your services was a very good day for Brite Divinity School. As you know the role of President of a seminary can be challenging in many ways. Providing your perspective as well as your considerable experience and wisdom was a gift that is valuable beyond words.

Elaine Kellam
Chair, Board of Trustees
Brite Divinity School

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