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Clarity, vision, and discernment are traits that first come to mind when thinking of Sara. In her executive coaching she is able to use her business acumen to be relevant while at the same time allowing me to explore the answers within. And she listens beyond words to what is not said and Sara is usually right in her assessment. Because of the success that we enjoyed in our coaching engagement, other executives like my boss who never experienced executive coaching are benefiting from an outside executive coach today. The successful organization transformation we are experiencing goes to my team's credit. But usually in the backdrop there are one or two key supporting cast and for this I thank Sara for her unwavering commitment and vision of possibilities for our organization and my development.

Joe Petrone
National Sales Executive

During my coaching relationship with Sara, our Company was in midst of the deepest construction recession of our lifetime. Through working with an outside executive coach over this period, I was able to confide in her and work through some incredibly difficult decisions and organizational and personal dynamics that, in the end, helped Bonnell Aluminum weather the storm and exit with a strong motivated organization.

Duncan Crowdis
Bonnell Aluminum

Working with Sara has been an amazing experience. Her coaching has allowed me to see life with a significantly broader lens which has helped me be more successful. Her coaching style is direct, insightful, heartfelt and supportive. Her intuition and experience allows her to go beyond the surface very quickly to get to issues that have been limiting my potential. Her coaching has helped me grow professionally and achieve results.

Eric Yost
Senior Vice President
Bonnell Aluminum

I met Sara as I was taking over a new sales organization in IBM. She was our region’s internal consultant and coach so I called on her to help me create a fast start with my team. Our goal became to change the culture in the group. We set about creating a sales force that would partner, really partner with our clients, rather than just being another vendor on the clients’ doorstep. It was a tremendous shift that required everyone in the organization change their language, their perspective and their behavior.

Sara became my leadership team’s group coach and my executive coach. She helped us design a strategy that I had confidence in. As our coach, she challenged us, partnered with us, and celebrated with us. With her help, we modeled the changes we wanted to see in our organization.

By the time I left for my next assignment, our sales team had a history of six successful quarters and my leadership team was being tapped for promotions to take their leadership to other parts of IBM.

Debbie Nemesi
retired IBM Vice President

Thank you so much and yeah I am very happy at where I am today! I am not fighting with those negative internal thoughts any more. So grateful to have had the opportunity to talk with you and really get a better understanding of that.

NCAA Division 1 Softball pitcher

The Leader as Coach program has been made a key and opening part of the Luminant Leadership Development program, which was launched in 2012. This is a …development program for key management as a way to prepare for future leadership opportunities. Sara and Paul Smith provided all of the participants (approximately 20-25 per class) sound business context for the value of coaching by: teaching all how to coach, modeling new ways to approach listening, how to self manage and how to use powerful questions. Most importantly, all participants practiced what was learned. The experiential learning was both powerful and practical. Sara and Paul demonstrated great coaching and then had us coach each other. The participants embraced the new skills and received immeasurable value from their colleagues coaching – and they continue to use the skills they learned. We are pleased to have Smith Leadership on our team and will continue this partnership within the Luminant Leadership Program.

Mike Williams
VP & Chief People Officer

Sara, the day you offered your services was a very good day for Brite Divinity School. As you know the role of President of a seminary can be challenging in many ways. Providing your perspective as well as your considerable experience and wisdom was a gift that is valuable beyond words.

Elaine Kellam
Chair, Board of Trustees
Brite Divinity School

The coaching experience with Sara transformed my perspective of my role as a trainer and coach. By taking me “up to the balcony” to view situations, I saw how I needed to “facilitate” their learning experience and draw their brilliance out. Sara’s keen awareness and insight helped me to add treasures to my skill base.

Linda Davis, CPA
Consultant and Coach
Divine Consultants

I decided to complete a formal coaching certification program to “kick my skills up a notch.”. . . . What I experienced was a masterful coach who used intuition, listening and the power of thought-provoking questions to help me prepare for the future and work through obstacles more quickly than I could on my own . . . . She did that through the use of business-appropriate language with a keen focus on accountability and measureable results.

Mary Ellen Kassotakis, Ed. D
Leadership Development Consultant
Co-author of Social Media at Work

Bigger Game enables to leverage the actual potential of the people, as individuals and in teamwork. Bigger game energizes and reenergizes the people and the organization. Bigger game helps people from various organizations with diverse background and cultures find a way for common and ambitious achievements.

Olivier Demazure
Global Director of Sales
Schneider Electric

Last year due to incredibly strong challenges being faced globally by our Life Sciences customers, I needed my Life Sciences team to realize that business as usual was no longer going to work for us and that we needed to think and play much bigger and differently than we had in the past. We had to find new ways to help our customers to survive, overcome their challenges and continue bring vital and much needed new medicines to market. Thanks to Paul and Sara's two days spent with us in February our team gelled and recommitted to our customers. We found our higher purpose.

Today, one year later, I can see how each one of the 9 players on our team and I improved and benefitted tremendously from this time spent - both as individuals and as a team. While failure was a possibility, it was never an option. We are taking share while our competitors are crumbling.

Harvey Dunham
Vice President of Life Sciences
Schneider Electric

The Bigger Game helped me get clarity on what was most important to me in my coaching business and how staying in my comfort zones was impeding growth. Since naming my “Bigger Game” I have been amazed at the opportunities for growth that are just one bold action step away. The Bigger Game was the extra nudge I needed. Thank you.

Susan Potter, PCC
Win from Within


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