The Bigger Game Workshop

The Bigger Game Workshop

One of the greatest challenges in trying to initiate change is overcoming the inertia that is innate in an organization.

the bigger game boardThe norms and culture – whatever those may be – create an atmosphere where change is often viewed with suspicion.  The Bigger Game provides a means to engage employee passion, energy and creativity to inspire substantial, valuable changes that will last over time. By choosing to play The Bigger Game, organizations of all sizes are able to:

  • Intentionally design the change they want to create
  • Determine how they need to transform themselves to inspire change in others
  • Create an engaging environment that others want to join

The Bigger Game begins with a two-day workshop.  Key players on your team begin by learning how to play The Bigger Game.  They are introduced to other Bigger Game players and then participate in activities designed to exercise creativity and spur innovation. The Bigger Game model is applied to the organization’s initiative – to transform business as usual into a new way of doing business.  By the end of the workshop, the team has a vision of change, lists of key results they want to see and bold actions required to play their Game. The workshop outcomes are a new take on a strategic plan!

To take a look at an overview of The Bigger Game – A Tool for Transformation, click here.  Ready for your Bigger Game? 


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The Bigger Game helped me get clarity on what was most important to me in my coaching business and how staying in my comfort zones was impeding growth. Since naming my “Bigger Game” I have been amazed at the opportunities for growth that are just one bold action step away. The Bigger Game was the extra nudge I needed. Thank you.

Susan Potter, PCC
Win from Within

Bigger Game enables to leverage the actual potential of the people, as individuals and in teamwork. Bigger game energizes and reenergizes the people and the organization. Bigger game helps people from various organizations with diverse background and cultures find a way for common and ambitious achievements.

Olivier Demazure
Global Director of Sales
Schneider Electric

Last year due to incredibly strong challenges being faced globally by our Life Sciences customers, I needed my Life Sciences team to realize that business as usual was no longer going to work for us and that we needed to think and play much bigger and differently than we had in the past. We had to find new ways to help our customers to survive, overcome their challenges and continue bring vital and much needed new medicines to market. Thanks to Paul and Sara's two days spent with us in February our team gelled and recommitted to our customers. We found our higher purpose.

Today, one year later, I can see how each one of the 9 players on our team and I improved and benefitted tremendously from this time spent - both as individuals and as a team. While failure was a possibility, it was never an option. We are taking share while our competitors are crumbling.

Harvey Dunham
Vice President of Life Sciences
Schneider Electric

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